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All you need to know about Google VR App Sprayscape

The perfect combination of VR and Camera, Google’s latest VR app is pretty much what the name suggests it does. According to Google, the app is “a perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera.” Currently available on Android devices, the App is only 25MB in size so you do not need to worry about storage.

Through the phone’s gyroscope, the app places you in a 360 degree sphere. With the app, you can “spray” photos by using your fingers to capture different parts of your surroundings. Thus the user has a blank canvas to fill up with long sprays or quick snaps.

You can share your creations with a friend by sharing the link. Google has made the code for the app public. Thus, if you are a tech freak, you can try creating one of your own.


One of the main objectives behind the app is that anyone with a camera can become a VR creator by capturing colors, faces, objects and anything and everything that is around them. The app does not create a simple collage but it’s an imperfect amalgamation of different things.

A dedicated website, where users can upload their creations made on the app has been made available by Google Creative Labs. If you have access to the link, you can experience the user-created landscape.

Even though the app currently has quite a few bugs, it is a great initiative by Google’s Android Experiments to encourage developers to explore interesting ways for people to interact with its mobile devices.

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