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Best Useful App for Android Smartphones

With the vast variety of apps available and limited storage capacity of smartphones, it is very easy for the common user to get confused regarding which apps to download. Here is a quick guide to make sure you have the best apps available to solve your problems faster, and enjoy the benefits that technology has to offer.


The increasing desire to remain fit and the shortage of time have made it very easy for humans today to fall into the trap of various kinds of lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Thus, it is very essential to adopt efficient habits that will guarantee a healthier lifestyle.Fitness App 2016

An app which will help you achieve this is the 7 Minute Workout. The app focuses on high intensity interval training which has been proven to help in weight loss and improve the functioning of the heart. Another interesting app is FitPass and this helps you schedule a workout ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Now there is no reason to miss your workout. Simply choose an appropriate workout and a convenient location anytime and start your journey to a healthier you!


Even though most smartphones come with pre-installed weather applications, if you want more accurate predictability and additional features, you can try out One Weather which is one of the highest rated weather apps out there. With a friendly user interface, the app is available in more than 25 different languages. Moreover, the free version includes all the features and the only difference in the paid version is the removal of advertisements.


Google Maps is the clear winner in the navigation apps scene. However with Waze, you can share real time traffic information, report accidents and other hazards which would help potential travellers take the fastest route. In addition, you can share your location and expected time of arrival.

Image Editing
Image Editing App

Prisma is the latest fad in the photo editing arena. This one is different and unique as it not only adds a filter but rebuilds a photograph. With over a dozen filters, this app is sure to add a different perspective to your photographs.

Another interesting app is Photo Director and this provides the complete package to play around with your pictures. With tools ranging from simple text bubbles and filters, to more complex features such as HSL and curves, this one makes editing a lot more fun and exciting.


Selling Used phones
sell used phones

With the rapid rate of technological advancement, mobile phones become obsolete very fast and the need to replace them arises. The question of what to do with your old device comes up very often and most often than not, the devices end up lying in our drawers, serving no useful purpose.

A very effective and user-friendly app is SellBack. By selecting the device you wish to sell, and a date and time convenient to you, earning cash sitting at your doorsteps has never been easier. The app calculates the best price available depending upon the condition of your smartphone and the company provides a hassle free and quick service to collect your old device and give you cash.



The busy schedules and increasing no. of tasks to be accomplished has made it essential to have handy notes and lists ready so that we do not miss anything important.

This year’s winner is Wunderlist. You can add as much details to your to do list, share pictures and have conversations about each person’s responsibility to accomplish the task.

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