Bit Torrent Fires CEOs will it be soon to shut?

It has been reported that BitTorrent is going through a bit of a storm. The company has fired its two CEOs, Robert Delamer and Jeremy Johnson, shut down BitTorrent Now, and is planning to shut the Los Angeles headquarters. The CFO of the company, Dipak Joshi has stepped in as the interim CEO.

Appointed in April, the CEO’s had a renewed focus on media production and were responsible for the content distribution platform. Excessive spending has been cited as one of the reasons behind the shutdown. There have been massive staff layoffs since mid-September.


bit torrent shut down

The founder, Bram Cohen announced the changes to staff through an e-mail, earlier during the week.  However, there has not been any official statement from the CEO and the website still appears to be working perfectly!

In case the news is true, other platforms from where you can stream and download music are Spotify and Soundcloud. In addition, Google Play Music has been recently launched in India, increasing the alternatives available for the consumer.

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