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Top things to gift this festive season the best diwali gift?

With Diwali less than a week away, the time when people exchange gifts with their loved ones is here. Here we provide you with a quick list of amazing items which are a good gifting option this festival season.

  1. Gift Vouchers: The number of options available has been increasing at a rapid rate and thus it has become extremely difficult to decide on a good gift. Gift options are an excellent alternative, which solve the two main problems with gifting. Firstly, there is no need to worry whether the concerned person would gain utility from the gift as he/she can select the gift. Secondly, the amount is not an issue, since you can select a voucher amount according to your budget.

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  1. Candles, diyas & lanterns: Diwali is “the festival of lights” and most people decorate their houses to brighten up and get the festive feel. Traditional diyas look the best, however if you are more towards the fancy side, there is a huge range of LED candles and decorative lanterns available for gifting as well.

Diwali Gift Ideas

  1. Homemade sweets and cakes: The number of people who have started selling homemade delights has increased considerably over recent years and most of them provide delicious options for the Diwali season. In addition, they are willing to customize as per your needs.

diwali sweets india


  1. Mobile phones: Due to the competitive nature of the smartphone industry, there are mobile phones available in every range. Moreover with players like Xaoimi and Huawei entering the Indian market, the options available are endless. If you decide to gift a new phone, don’t forget to tell them about where they can earn the best price for their old device.
  1. Home furnishings and decorative pieces: There is always a need of home furnishings and decorative pieces to give your home a different look from time to time. These make for a useful gifting option and are available at different retail and online stores.

 Hope this lists comes to your rescue while choosing an appropriate gift and wishing you all a happy and fun-filled Diwali week ahead!

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